Illegal aliens and illegal immigration


What don't you understand about illegal it's illegal. Well yes and no. It is illegal and criminal when they catch you crossing the border without permission. It is not criminal however if you make it over undetected, then it becomes "unlawful presence" which is only CIVIL not criminal.

Too many people don't understand that law enforcement is limited as to what they can do because of these complications. Many lawyers and even law enforcement people do not fully understand the law in this respect.

Not to defend coming over illegally but you do need to think about the ramifications if we deport 20 million people that are part of our community.

1. What will happen to millions of landlords when their renters are deported? Who will bail them out? Where will that money come from without raising taxes?

2. Who will makeup the lost taxes that comes from property tax from these people?

3. What will happen to the social security fund if illegal aliens are not putting in over 11 million per year that they will never get back?

4. Who will end up paying to support over 4 million US Citizen children of the illegal aliens that are deported? Currently either family or the state takes custody of these children. After one raid on a factory in Utah 2 bus loads of children were put into the foster care system and it overloaded the systems capacity. Our systems are not set up to handle anywhere near the 4 million + children that will be involved.

5. Many countries charge US Citizens to live there. Guatemala charges $25 dollars every 3 months for US Citizens and in many towns the wages are only $60 per month which is about 1/10th of the cost of living so to take even $10 per month away from this amount could be making people go hungry. People make more in the cities but the cost of living is also higher as well. Learning what people are actually paying for things opens your eyes more than ever before. I sat down with several families in Guatemala in 2008 and 2010 to do just that.  If they work on a banana plantation they can make $200 per month which is only 1/3 of the cost of living. This is why so many children quit school early so they can help their family pay the bills and put food on the table. My daughters good friend just did the same quitting school at the age of 15 even though she wanted to keep studying.

6. The buying force that illegal aliens have in this country is very large and to take that money away will cause major problems with the economy. The fact that they also send about 10 percent of their income out of the country to help their families is another form of humanitarian assistance that is privately funded. To say this hurts the country shows the lack of education since in macroeconomics we learn that sending dollars out of our country does the opposite of hurting the dollar but actually encourages trade in dollars outside our country making the dollar worth more.

7. Not everything about illegal aliens comes up peaches and cream. They do bring crime, human trafficking and drugs. They bring drugs because of our high demand and usage of drugs so that part is partially our fault as well.  We need to clamp down on criminal activity and not just send them out of the country since they come right back again.

8. We need a solution that will not include sending 20 million community members out of the country. We need to fine them since that is what is appropriate for a CIVIL case and we need to put them on a road to becoming legal. I don't say they should be put in the front of the line ahead of anyone that is applying legally because that too would be wrong.

9. Children of illegal aliens (undocumented) should be allowed to stay, many of them don't even speak Spanish and have no memory of their country. Many of them have lived in the US their whole life and don't know any other way. Separating them from their friends, schools and way of life is wrong, morally and just simply wrong every way you look at it. They had no choice in the matter and they are being punished for something they had no hand in.  then click immigration