Not just for burglars

A security system can be much more than just for a break in:

  1. Temperature sensors can alert you before pipes freeze and cause flooding.

  2. Water sensors can detect flooding before it causes too much damage.

  3. CO Carbon Monoxide detectors can alert authorities while you are asleep and send help. CO detectors tied to your alarm system can save lives.

  4. Smoke Detectors tied to your security system can also save lives since the central station will dispatch the fire department. Normal smoke detectors in your home are not tied to the central station and are only meant to wake you up but if you are not home or do not wake up a fire could destroy your home.

  5. Tie your fire sprinkler system into your alarm system. Quite often your insurance company will give you discounts when the system is monitored.

  6. A water cop can also be added to this system and you can shut your water off remotely and have other options added to your system to monitor valves etc…