Factors in picking a security company

When deciding on an alarm company here are a few points to think about:

  1. Pick a company that has been in business for a while. Peak has been in business since 1969.

  2. It is true you can pay less per hour or less overall with a small security company because they do not have as much overhead. I worked for a small company for many years but if one tech got in an accident and the other tech was sick the customers were not taken care of. Peak Alarm employees over 300 local people in Idaho and Utah so we may not be the least expensive but we have the ability to take care of customers.

  3. Some alarm companies do not renew their alarm licensing and insurance. Insurance is expensive and some small companies end up lapsing not only in insurance but with their state and local licensing as well. Check with Utah DOPL to make sure the company you are using is licensed and each employee should carry the white and blue state license with them. This assures that each one has been through the FBI background check.

  4. Check the BBB.org Better Business Bureau because several alarm companies have thousands of complaints. Be careful because one well known alarm company has over 4000 complaints and has changed their name 3 times and that have been sued in several states.

  5. Most larger companies will have negative comments online, when you do so much business it happens but be aware that these TOP 5 or TOP 10 alarm company sites simply charge you to be on the list so check the BBB, DOPL and other sources.

  6. One company that has over 1 Million accounts that is 83 times larger than Peak Alarm has over 4000 times the complaints as Peak has.

  7. Be careful with companies that always have the lowest price. Many times they will go out of business shortly after staring, Peak Alarm has been in business since 1969 and is family owned.

  8. Be careful with companies that claim to give you free equipment, nothing is really free you will pay now or later. Often instead of $45 or $55 a month they will charge you $75 per month and do so for a longer period of time like 60 months instead of 36 so in the long run you end up paying much more than you would have had you gone with Peak Alarm.

  9. You get what you pay for. If you buy a $25 dollar motion that is what you will get. Quality is important.

  10. Peak Alarm is not perfect and has things they can improve on. I have met with management and there is a current plan to make ongoing improvements so we are working to become better. We have a current program called the White Glove treatment where we strive to do our best for you the customer. Full Service Guard and Patrol Division and a Full Service AV Division. Other companies hire one or more of these services out.

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