List of Electrical Contractors

List of Electrical Contractors in Utah

There are hundreds of electrical contractors in Utah alone. Here is a list of some of those contractors. If any of this information is incorrect please let know and he will fix it, if you would like the reference taken off this site let him know or if you would like to be added contact Larry at the email above or (801) 428 1384 

Peak Alarm works with Electrical Contractors on a regular basis since Peak is not licensed to do high voltage systems. Electrical Contractor will install fire alarm systems much of the time with the cable and the conduit and Peak will program, test and provide training to the owner. 

AC Electric  

All Phase Electric

All Tech Electric

Ampd Electric

Arco Electric

Barney Brothers Electric

Bullett Electric

CR Lighting

CVE Cache Valley Electric

Canyon Electric

Chesley Electric

Diamond Electric

Double Dei Electric 

Dykman Electric

Dykeman Electric

Eagle Electric

ECI West

Four Seasons Construction

Glenn's / Glenns Electric

GS Electric

Id Electric

Knight Electric Inc.

Park City Electric

Larsen Electric

Master Electrical

Midwest Electric

Morton Electric Inc.

Neu Wave Electric

Olsen Electric Park City

On  Electric Usa

Positive Power

Pro Electric

Quality Electrical Systems

Hawk Electric

Rich Electric

Royal Utah

Rydalch Electric

Salmon Electric

Schneider Electric

Schoonmaker Electric

Scotvale Electric

Sierra Electric

Skyline Electric

Sturgeon Electric

TS Electric

Taylor Electric

Tec Electric

Saint George Electrician

Wilkinson Electric

Wilson Electric

Wimmer Electric

Winward Electric

Wyer Electric