Benefits of AES Radio

Recently we just finished replacing all the 2G cellular communicators with 3G/LTE cellulars

Now we have been told that in 2022 3G will be obsolete and you will have to have LTE /4G and 5G is already available in many areas.

Currently when you use AES Radio as your communicator you cannot arm and disarm remotely so there are some drawbacks although you do not have to worry about having to switch every time a new G comes out.

If you are using an AES Radio for your fire alarm or security communicator you can do so for many years to come. AES Radios are not the best choice in all situations but understanding the benefits and specific situations to use them is important.

Analog phone lines are on the way out and VOIP and digital phone lines not only have different voltages so often they do not function with all alarm panels but they are not as reliable as cellular or radio communicators since you do not have the same battery backup or reliability as other options.

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