Five configurations of commercial alarm systems

  1. Hardwired zoned systems where one set of wires goes to each zone, picture a bike tire where the spokes would be the wires going out to the outside of the wheel and the main panel is in the center. This type of system normally costs more in labor and wire if you have several zones. If you only have a few zones it may be the most economical configuration. There are inexpensive hardwired systems and more secure options that not only work better but are even approved by the government. With zoned systems if one wire gets cut it only disables one zone. This option can be configured on a UL2050 system for a high security system.

  2. Hardwired addressable systems where one set of wires goes to the first motion or door contact and then on to the next one, this makes a loop of wires and at each device there is an addressable module. These modules normally cost between 30 and 50 dollars each although when you use them the wire runs are less complicated and the labor is less. This configuration can be either class A or class B. Class B goes out in the loop and stops at the last device. Class A goes out all the way around the loop and comes back to the panel. When the loop is cut on a class B configuration you lose all the devices after the cut, on a class A wiring configuration certain systems will send the signal both directions so most of the devices will continue to operate.

  3. The third configuration would be normal wireless, normally in the 300 or 400 Mhz range, many of these systems are not encrypted although some such as Qolsys are. This type of system does not have the range to do very large buildings. This is the type of wireless where many companies bid the most inexpensive options especially if it is not encrypted.

  4. The fourth configuration is a power G option from Qolsys or DSC and these wireless sensors are in the 900 mhz range and have the ability to extend the signal up to 4 times what normal systems can. Most of these wireless configurations have repeaters that talk directly to the panel but these repeaters cannot talk to one and other. This option is a bit more expensive than the third wireless option but the range is better and it will work when other wireless systems won’t.

  5. The fifth configuration is a DMP 900 mhz wireless alarm system where the repeaters talk to the panel and to each other. This is also an encrypted option. This is a more secure and a more expensive option.

    Please contact (801) 428 1384 for more information or with feedback, suggestions or corrections. I would be happy to meet with you at your facility to discuss the options for a commercial intrusion system. There are many options: Good, Better & Best. Just like cars there are many brands, price ranges and features. Going with the low bidder can cause problems later on.