Dumpster Cameras

Prevent theft and illegal dumping

Recently Peak Alarm installed several cameras at an apartment complex including cameras watching the playground area, the pool, the pool entrance, parking areas and two dumpsters.

At first they only had us install a camera on one of the two dumpster areas but when they caught people in their own apartment complex dumping a couch they called them in and asked why they did that because there are specific rules.

The people said they did not do it and then the property manager brought up the High Definition Video showing these people dumping the couch, a fine was issued and the property manager decided to add a camera to the other dumpster as well.

We had to trench under two sidewalks to get the wires to where they needed to go and across a grass area. We had blue stakes come out ahead of time so we would not cut into any electrical or gas lines.

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