Test and Inspections for Fire Alarm

Peak Alarm can give you a better price on fire alarm tests and inspections when we put it in the monthly payment.

State law requires every fire alarm system be tested once a year. See Utah R710 code

Peak Alarm will test according to guidelines in NFPA72 and provide you with a report and tag your panel.

Understand that the fire sprinkler tests are not the same tag or test as the fire alarm. When the fire sprinkler test is done the sprinkler company will set off the fire alarm and when the fire alarm test is done Peak will activate the flow and tampers to test them but they are separate tests.

Fire extinguisher testing is also separate with separate tags.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 He is a NICET II Fire Alarm Tech #107204 and a Master Fire Alarm Tech with the State of Utah level 3. When you have questions call Larry.