The CERT kit is different than your 96 hour kit.

The CERT kit is what you will use to respond and help the public if your family is safe and you can go to the predesignated meeting place for your team.

  1. Some Water and basic snacks

  2. Notebook , writing tools and forms.

  3. Gas/water shut of tool that is non sparking

  4. Tape and way to mark the people

  5. Way to mark the homes with an X the CERT kit has an oil crayon but you can use paint or tape.

  6. Your PPE gear: Googles, Boots, CERT Vest and Hard Hat, basic first air gear which would be roller gauze, 4x4 bandages and triangle bandages. Gloves are also very important. Head lamp so you can use your hands. Masks so you won’t breath in too much dust. CERT ID in order to pass the police lines if they set them up.

  7. Other items you want in your kit may include cold weather gear or other items make sure the kit it not too heavy.

These are basics and the FEMA site has additional information about your CERT kit

In several recent disasters people tried to volunteer and they became victims when they were not prepared and they began to help without the proper gear or training. This CERT class will help you know what to do and what not to do.