96 Hour Kit

On the FEMA web site you will find information about making a 96 hour kit in case of emergency. Some people have GO bags and this is similar. Here is a list of ideas, each kit is different depending on the person. After your kit is built put it on your back and walk around the block with it and see if it is too heavy, when it is too heavy take some of the items out that you may not need. Keep it simple, don’t go in debt to buy a kit because you can use things you already have in your home.

I have a kit in my car, kit at work and kits at home just in case. If you get stuck in your car 17 miles from home and you need to walk do you have water, gear and other things in your car if you need to walk that far?

  1. Food and Water. I bought dried food and I have a water filter so I don’t have to carry too much water since it is heavy. Camping food is light and costs about 10 per meal, MRE arm food is excellent as well.

  2. Second set of clothes along with winter clothes, gloves, boots etc.. I keep my clothes in a separate bag so when I leave the house in my pajamas I can change after I get clear of the danger or fire or whatever reason I left the house for.

  3. First aid including any medications. I suggest that you have at least 10 large roller gauze, 10 of the 4x4 gauze and 5 of the triangular bandages and then you can add what you feel you need.

  4. Way to start fires, sleeping bag and small tent in case you need to shelter in place. We have a large tent in case we need to shelter in the back yard if the home is damaged. I have a good knife and other items that personally would help me survive.

Once again there are lists online so you can start putting your kit together and customize it to your personal situation. Some people cannot carry things on their back so they have container with wheels or a small wagon.

Some important advice on cold weather gear is to go to stores like Recreation Outlet on about 3200 south State Street and let them give you advice about what cold weather clothing to have for an extended stay outside. I have wool socks since they will even be warm when wet, II have special underwear that is also very good in low temperatures. Keep the kit simple.


This kit will help mitigate your suffering and that of your family as well.