One question at a time 2 Book of Mormon

Recent fotos of Prodigal Son Musical and in real live I don't look that old.

There have been many changes to the text of the Book of Mormon.

When learning about these revisions we can spend time looking for reasons not to believe in the Book of Mormon or we can continue to let our faith grow. Understanding that we don´t know everything is a big part of understanding doctrine and changes such as these.

When the Book of Mormon was first published the man that did the type setting made changes he felt were logical such as removing statements that were repeated. Often the Lord repeats things more than once, after the Book was printed Joseph had to go back and fix those things the printer thought he was helping with. The man had also added comas and puncuation and this often could change what the Book was saying. Later additional changes were made and people use these things as a reason to question God and these scriptures.

The Prophet Joseph Smith went through the Bible and made many corrections and later people questioned these corrections. One of those corrections was making it clear in the begining of the Bible that the Lord does not harden anyone´s heart. The Bible said that The Lord hardened Pharrohs heart and he would not let the Children of Israel go. Joseph cleared it up correcting it to how it was before translation errors and it now says in the JST translation that Pharroh hardened his own heart.