One question at a time 1 Do not add or take away

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The interpretation of do not add or take away from the words of God is often interpreted to mean that there can be no additional scripture apart from the Bible. This is found in the last Book of the Bible (Revelations) and people normally think this was the last book written and that there could never been any more scriptures.

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When you research the Bible you find that the book of John was written by John after the book of Revelation but that book was placed last because of it´s content of the last days.

In the fifth book of the Bible written by Moses we read almost the identical admonishment that is found in the last book of the new testament which is not to add or take away from God´s words. Deuteronomy Chapter 4 verse 2. If you could not have any more scripture after this we would not have the rest of the 34 books of the old testament nor any of the books of the new testament.

What the prophets in both of these scripture quotes were saying was that we should not add or take away from the books they had written. We should not add or take away from the Books Moses wrote nor should we add or take away from the books John wrote. This does not stop the Lord from having other prophets publish additional scriptures with more light and truth in them.

The Book of Mormon is a second witness of Jesus Christ after his death and resurrection. Christ visited the people of Central and South American and that account is found in the Book of Mormon.

While in the mountains of Guatemala I met a woman that could not read yet she emphatically told us that she knew of the visit of Jesus to her ancestors and she went on telling us of the information that had been passed down as stories in her family of the Great white God teaching them to irrigate their crops, healing their sick and many other things. We were telling her about the Book of Mormon and we read out loud to her and she had no idea what effect she had on a young missionary that was there to testify of a Book that told of these visits of Jesus to her people. The Book of Mormon is a second witness of Jesus Christ. He came out of Heaven and visited these people and it really happened and he will come again in the clouds of heaven. Bible means collection of books (Biblia in Spanish) Biblioteca means library in Spanish. We are not adding or taking away from the individual books that these authors wrote. By getting into an attitude of complexity and picking at every little thing many people are wasting time and not spending time on the most important truths of the Gospel that are right in front of them.