Praying the rosary

When we first were asked to make gemstone rosaries we went to the Catholic church to have them inspected and blessed. The Priest took time to talk with us about the rosary and remind us of the basic sacred nature of the rosary in simple terms. He explained that when you are saying each prayer and touching each bead in order that they meditate on the life of Jesus Christ starting with his birth, childhood, ministry, death and resurrection. We have a deep respect for the rosary. When I pick the stones I try to imagine  holding the beads and meditating on the life of Jesus and it means more to me when I put the rosaries together. To me their not just beads and to those that pray the rosary the symbols and the act help them commune with God and they use Mary or others as intermediaries. Once again it does not matter that I agree with what they are doing or not agree.

Prejudice is born in ignorance.  Acceptance is born in education.

"El prejuicio nace de la ignorancia mientras que la aceptación proviene de la educación".