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Is Church more boring than it used to be?

I just watched Immortals with my daughter and the way it portrayed the unbelievers in their faith had an obvious connection to our day. The violence is also commonplace and disturbing yet the youth find it more entertaining than watching any of my favorite old musicals. Even now I find that people make fun of religious people and our children find it harder and harder to continue to believe in what they feel are dying ideas and a dying faith.

Religion and Church are different and many Churches associate being reverent and respectful with being boring and today's youth are not going for that. Some people have religion in their hearts or the way they apply what they learn in Church. Most Churches teach good things when they teach from holy books yet as I stated the youth need to be entertained when they go to a Church or they will not stay because today's media also has the same challenge and they are meeting it unlike the different Churches that are falling short for the most part.

Teaching the youth about Christ should be exciting, it should be interesting and fun and when we tell them about God we have to convince them that learning this has made a positive difference in our lives or why would they want to invest time into a church, a way of life that just adds something more to their lives that is not positive?

In our Churches we have beautiful stained glass pictures that used to be used to teach and now we have books and electronic books yet most of our youth spend no time reading those books but spend far more time playing games where they kill people or robots or monsters. Church leaders say they won't give in to new music and ways but if the kids are listening to the destructive music anyway I don't see the point in not coming up with better more modern music at Church that children can enjoy. We should enjoy Church and want to go back. It should not be a chore or a duty, well maybe a duty but it should not be boring. God is not boring why do we make him out to be mundane?

In our churches we insist in maintaining the old ways when it comes to choir music and this is a mistake because our children need more than that. Music can touch the soul and when we hold onto very old music then Satan wins the youth with his alluring music that has a beat and destructive messages. Our children don't want to listen to organ music and we are loosing this battle. The Priests of the world need to wake up and take heed of the new generations that need, want and require something better than old people singing praises in slow old style tones. I mentioned this and even the Choir music I posted on my own site lacks much of what the youth need. If you really strive and listen during mass or a Church meeting you can normally extract a good message but those giving the messages should spend more time making it interesting so we don't have to struggle to get the message or try to stay awake. God deserves more from the people that preach and so do our youth.