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We have MP3 audio files with important advice about our situation and what we did to get a visa. We also have a 21 page written report that can assist you in your efforts to get legal the right way. These files are something you need to buy. This investment will pay off and it is much less than even 30 minutes of speaking to a lawyer. We also advice you to get a lawyer but after listening to our advice so you will know some of the tricks they use on you and how you can save time and money doing some of the things yourself.

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I don't know why applying legally has to be so hard and complicated, once I found out how hard it was I was upset. My wife agrees that people should obey the law yet many cases are very complicated and the Government will not work with people but only with FORMS and each one costs lots of money. We actually asked to have many of the forms be submitted without the fee because we ran out of money. Some were accepted without the fee but most were still rejected. The lawyer actually told us that if my wife was a drug dealer it would be easier for him to help. Since she had no criminal record, has never worked under another name and since we are not rich we ended up paying the lawyer over $5,000 and then doing the next $7,000 dollars worth of paperwork ourselves.

When ICE showed up at the door one morning and told lies to get into the home they then arrested my wife without showing a deportation order or a warrant. Later they had her sign a legal paper in English stating the everything had been explained in Spanish and that was also concerning. Later ICE issued me, an American Citizen an Alien registration number (A#) which obviously was an error and I have written several letters but non of them have been answered and we even went to our Senator (Hatch) in Utah to try to get answers and they needed a signed release form and that was over 2 years ago and we have still not heard back.

We ended up submitting 29 forms to USCIS and ICE and many of them had to be sent to two places. At first we were only sending like 30 page forms but in the end we sent off packets that were over 400 pages long and had to be fedexed to two places so just that is over 800 pages. We ended up sending USCIS and ICE over 10,000 pages of paperwork.


Please visit our site and you can read the entire story and get additional information on immigration assistance for forms, dealing with your lawyers and many other helpful topics. We are also selling rosaries made out of stone to try to pay off our immigration debt. I started out by telling you that it is very difficult to apply legally. The forms farmers (American Citizens) have to fill out to get workers from out of the country are very simple yet the forms that people that want to come to this country need to fill out are so complicated you almost need a degree to understand them and fill them out. This is a business, my lawyer told me "ICE denies and Lawyers re-apply" He told us that many of our applications would be denied because that is how it is done. That is normal practice, it is a business. Many of the forms had a cost of over $500 each and when they were denied we never got that money back so I can see they are making lots of money that way. My mother in law has applied for a legal visa to come and visit grandchildren she has never seen and she has been denied 5 times so far at a cost of $300 each time. The last time she cried and cried and she has about given up. She told her husband that she should just spend the money and come over WET since she only wants to visit and go back home. Immigration help in this country is a business for lots of people and many times they take advantage of people that cannot speak English well so whenever you try to get Immigration help you need to take great care.

When trying to keep your family together there is so much stress when your children cry at night because their mother is being deported. Just the fact of being married to a Citizen does not stop deportation like it used to. Immigration assistance is very costly and the free immigration help is there but the lines are very long and the lists are long so if you need help fast you have to pay allot for it and we took out a loan to pay the lawyer for our immigration help and we are still paying monthly fees to the lawyer as well.