Caucas Meeting on the 15th of March

In our precinct two years ago there were 3 of us, the chair,  Ken and I. We nominated each other and we became delegates.  Last night there were 12 men and 5 women that showed up, almost 6 times the people and we voted in one State Delegate and two County delegates and I happened to be one of the Country delegates. The overall consensus of the group seemed to be that Senator Hatch had been in office too long and we needed to get someone new in although the group does understand that he is a senior member and has more influence on committees and such giving Utah the upper hand and we agreed that if we replace him we need to do so with a viable candidate. I expressed that whoever we send needs to be able to work with others well meaning the democrats. Michael Fairbanks mentioned that he feels that the  time for compromise is over and that whoever we send needs to to stand up for their beliefs and not compromise. Personally I understand where he is coming from although gridlock is not something that would help the country move forward either.

Michael looks at compromise as something to be avoided at all costs now whereas I look at compromise as a important part of relationships, in a marriage you both need to come to agreements through compromise and in business the same thing applies unless of course your the King then you can have it your way all the time without compromise. Michael looks at it as giving in and compromising your core values. I look at it as two extremes from left to right and coming together in the middle with reasonable solutions.

Hatch seemed to have quite a bit of support last night as opposed to what happened to Senator Bennett.  Senator Hatch has working well with others and is fairly moderate in many aspects and has not missed near as many votes as Senator Bennett did so it seems for now that he still has a good chance of keeping his seat.

As far as the feelings for the Governor we agreed that he has not been doing a bad job but quite a good job although people seem to feel he could be more assertive. The turnout at the meeting was greatly affected by the LDS Church putting out a letter from the First Presidency encouraging people to go to these meetings and get involved. They also asked that no meetings be held during those nights that were planned for caucus meetings. Some people told me that was the only reason they were there.

In the past the general feeling of apathy was obvious and now people seem to be getting involved more.