Loving life as it is

I enjoy my days at work, I like being with my family at night and I get to interact with neighbors and friends at church from time to time.  I hear and see others complain and after awhile it gets old although I try to put myself in their position because often they are alone, afraid and insecure so their complaints are a cry for help and companionship. I do love life and sometimes we settle for things as they are rather than trying to make things better. I have learned that I cannot change others and "what is, is" I strive to become a better person myself and encourage my family members to better themselves as well and when it comes down to it I find much more in life to be happy about than to be upset or complain about.

I made an incredible baby clam sauce last night and Michelle and I were the only ones brave enough to try it so I brought it to work today and Kathy and I had a great lunch with the rest of the baby clams. The sauce had a bit of a kick to it. It does kinda look like lots of little eyes looking up at you.

This week are the caucus meetings and I really want to stay involved although the political process seems less and less effective and fair as of late. So much money is involved and the want for power rather than the desire to help and serve the country has me concerned.

My Compadre, Sister in law and 2 nieces moved away 2 weeks ago and we all miss them terribly. Not seeing Dani is hard on us and it lets you see how important family really is.Deyci said that all the 15-16 year old boys in Roosevelt have and drive trucks so Michelle should go there to meet some of them. lol.

Michelle's friend came to dinner last night and tried my fax crab sauce but avoided the baby clams. He spoke of wanting to be a vet which would be a great job. Some of the youth really do have goals and aspirations. Nathanial suffered the hour lecture about the future, bills, scholarships and job advice fairly well although Michelle did wince a bit.

We have been moving the furniture around in the home and re-wiring the cable outlets and some of the electrical and phone outlets so we have been in the middle of disorganization which will lead to organization.

My mom hit her leg on the stove last week and it pulled a piece of skin the size of two fifty cent pieces off of her leg and I went and put her back together and as we get older we can appreciate our youth in retrospect more than we did while it was happening.