The other place restaurant Salt Lake City

Greek salad the other place

Apart from the large quantities of food "The Other Place Restaurant in Salt Lake City" is a great place to eat. Breakfast is incredible as is the rest of the menu. Sometimes you need to wait a bit to get your order but that is the same with any good busy restaurant. The picture is of the Greek Salad and it has grilled chicken and lots of vegetables. The address is 469 East Broadway which is 300 South. In Salt Lake to find addresses it is very simple once you get the grid system down. 200 East is 2 blocks east of the MORMON Temple which is at the center of Salt Lake. So 469 East is just over 4 and one half blocks east of the Temple and 300 South is 3 blocks south of the Temple. There is additional Parking in the rear. If you are hungry and want a great deal of food for a fair price this is a great place to go.