Dim Sum in Salt Lake City

HoHo Gourmet on 1504 South State Street in Salt Lake is a great place to go for Dim Sum. Normally we go on Saturday around 11AM. It is busy and that is much of the fun because normally you will have several different languages being spoken all in one room. They do have an upstairs but you will have a better all around experience if you stay on the main floor. They wheel carts out with the DIM SUM, which is Chinese breakfast. Each little plate or bowl normally costs between 2 and 4 dollars depending on what you pick. It used to be $2 each and then the price went up a bit. On the plate you normally will get 3 items or so and you can share. The salt crusted shrimp normally comes with several. The white flower tea is very good as well. We have our favorite items we order and the Chinese broccoli is one of those items. It is steamed in oyster sauce and I make it at home and it is good but it is never the same. Eating should be an experience not a quick event. The food is great and you will also have fun when you open yourself up to the culture. We have eaten at several other places for DIM SUM but we keep coming back to this great restaurant. We normally spend about $12 dollars per person when we go and that is quite a bit of food. Their ginger crab is also fabulous.


Dim Sum in Salt Lake