ReadyKey Pro Access Control Different levels

DIFFERENT PRICED ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS: This is a high end access control system. Bosch also offers two other lower end systems.

A high en enterprise access control system that does not have limits to how many doors you can add normally costs about $2,700 per door. One example would be ReadyKey Pro by Bosch.

A mid-range access control system normally runs around $2,000 per door

A lower end door control system costs less than this of course depending on how far your doors are from the headend and the exact door hardware you will install it could be around $1,500

Door Access Control systems are not Security or Intrusion systems. Access Systems can be integrated into the intrusion although these systems unlock and lock doors and allow people / employees access during different times of the day. For example your Janitors Proximity card or thumbprint may only allow them to enter the area between 5 and 7 PM on Thursdays while the managers can enter Monday through Friday from 7AM to 6PM and the Owners prox card or thumbprint will allow them access 24 hours per day.

Cameras can also be programmed and integrated with the access control so when people present their card the persons picture will pop up on the security screen so the guards can compare the person entering the building with an employee photo that is on file side by side.