Cost of Security Intrusion Systems


To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

We get this question all the time of how much does a security system cost? The answer is very similar if you were to ask this question: How much does a CAR cost? It depends, so I put some basic figures together for an answer.

On a home system the figures are a bit different than for a residential system. The example here is for a home system. Keep in mind that when you purchase from one of these security companies that gives you a free system you still end up paying for the system over time because you are locked into a firm contract of 3 or 5 years.

Option 1 - Bosch B4412 with ATM Style Keypad, siren, 6 Doors and 5 Motions and a keyfob would be about $3,200 *

*******Depending on your home, it could be slightly more or less according to how accessible it is to run the keypad,siren, power, phone or internet wires.

*Option 2 - Bosch B4412 same package but only one motion $2,400

*Option 3 - Bosch B4412 same package but only 2 doors and one motion would be about $1,900

*Option 4 - We have packages that can run around $1,200 but once again it all depends on your home and your needs.

We have a great PeakLink package available with updated prices and the panels are up to date on the technology. Call Larry for current Pricing 801 428 1384

The motions included in this bid are the High Traffic Bosch motions that have a very long battery life compared to other competitors.

Monitoring is $26.95 per month with no set contract Standard cellular adds $10 per month with Peak Alarm and much more from other companies High Supervision Cellular for commercial fire alarm costs $22 per month Elite control costs $5 per month (Smart phone control)

Monitoring that costs $50 per month adds up to $3000 in 5 years Monitoring that costs $50 per month adds up to $1800 in 3 years Monitoring that costs $42 per month adds up to $2520 in 5 years Monitoring that costs $42 per month adds up to $1512 in 3 years

A wireless smoke detector, motion or glass break would be about $200 each programmed and installed. A door contact is about $120. When I say about this all depends on the brand we install and these examples are given using the Bosch B series panel with inovonics wireless. The Radion wireless system is also available.

The wireless fobs to arm and disarm are $115

We can buy panels that cost a bit less than the one listed but they don't have the IPHONE features nor do the have the same features to send text messages or tie to the Internet the same way. This panel plugs into your router. For many panels you need to purchase a separate module to connect it to the Internet or network.

Apple has said they will be putting out 14 million low cost IPHONES, only issue is that they won't have all the same features so many people will still want to buy the better IPHONES that have all the features, the same applies to security systems.

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