Utah Fire Alarm dealers and manufactures


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LIST OF FIRE ALARM DEALERS FOR MOST MAJOR MANUFACTURES IN UTAHADT- Security, Cameras – Call for additional information (877) 809 3274 www.adt.comAlarm Control – Siemens, Cerberus Pyrotronics,Silent Knight, Firelite. Suppression Panels: Fike, Ansul and Fenwall,Cerberus – (801)486 8731 Alarm Control installs and services Fire Alarms and Suppression Systems as well. http://www.alarmcontrol.com Alarm Tech - Silent Knight Fire Alarm 801 568 6757 Alpha Corp, Inc. (801) 977 8608 Fire Alarm: GE Vigilant by Edwards United Technologies. http://alphacorpsecurity.com BEST – GE Vigilant- Mirtone Fire Alarm, Fire Alarm Access Control, Security, Cameras 801 352 0743CERTIFIED FIRE – Farenhyt Fire Alarms and Silent Knight (Janus Fire Systems) Call (801) 694 1215 Certified Fire has been in business over 11 years and also is a full service company that offers Fire Suppression and Fire Sprinkler Systems. http://certfire.com/Delta Fire Systems, Inc. (801) 972 4500 Fire Alarm System brand is GE Vigilant by Edwards United Technologies. This company is who we recommend for sprinkler systems. http://www.deltafiresystems.comGSL Electric also sells and installs Siemens Cerberus Pyrotronics Fire Alarm Systems. http://www.gslelectric.com/Siemens – Siemens Cerberus Pyrotronics- Fire Alarm (801) 590 7373 (Alarm Control and GSL Electric also services Cerberus)StateFire - Call (801) 288 2100 StateFire has been in business since 1989 as a strong full service fire suppression company. StateFire provides service for Simplex, Fike, GE-EST, Notifier, FCI and Silent Knight. StateFire Is an Authorized dealer in EST, GE-IO Series and Fike. StateFire installs Fire Alarms, Clean Agent Suppression Systems as well as service and monitoring. We are a full service fire suppression company which services fire sprinklers, extinguishers, kitchen hood suppression systems. www.Statefire.comFSS Fire Suppression Services, Inc. (801)277 6464 cannot find a web site for this company. Fire Alarm: GE Vigilant/Edwards United Technologies Firetrol – Notifier & gamewell- EST – Bosch- Firelite – Silent Knight- Digitize – Fire Alarm (801) 485 6900Honeywell -Security, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Cameras (801) 886 2957Interwest Fire Protection, Inc. (801) 746 4040 http://www.interwestfire.com Mountain Alarm or Fire Protection is the company name for their fire alarm division -Notifier is their main brand although they can also do Bosch, Silent Knight or Firelite as well. Mountain Alarm is their security division and Fire Protection does the fire alarm installations. (801) 363 9696 www.mountainalarm.comMountain West Security, LLC Orem Utah (801) 226 6786 http://www.mwsecure.com Fire Alarm is GE Vigilant by Edwards United Technologies Nelson Fire – FCI and Gamewell (801)468 8300 This company does quite a bit of work for the school districts.Johnson Controls (801) 973 4001-

PEAK ALARM – DMP Security, DSX Access Control, Salient/Axis Cameras, MIRCOM Fire Alarm, HOCHIKI Fire Alarm as well as Silent Knight, Firelite and DMP Fire Alarm- – UL listed Monitoring (801) 486 7231 - Ask for Larry Love 801 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com www.PeakAlarm.com Peak Alarm only has 2 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years as of 08/31/16 both issues were billing issues.Check http://www.bbb.org before buying from any company because of the alarm companies have over 3000 complaints. Low price is not always the best indicator. Peak also installs encrypted security systems using DMP or Qolsys.com

PST Professional Systems Technology, Inc. – GE Vigilant – EST Fire Alarm, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Security – (801)649 6696 http://www.pstslc.comPCS – Power Control Systems- Access Control, Security – MIRCOM Fire Alarm (801) 560 6423SIMPLEX Grinell – Fire Alarm, Intrusion Security, Access Control, Cameras. SIMPLEX, Grinell, Thorn and Autocall Fire Alarm (801) 633 9830United Fire - Fike and HarringtonWasatch Electric Comtech division- Cameras, Access Control, Security and Fire Alarm (801) 487 4511 – GE EST Edwards System TechnologyWhy'rd (801)568 6757 Ask for Myron http://www.why-rd.com GE Vigilant Edwards United Technologies (Fire Alarm)LIST OF FIRE ALARM MANUFACTURES (All equipment is UL listed) 1. Bosch - UL listed Fire Panel including conventional, addressable and analog addressable www.Boschsecurity.us 2. DMP - UL listed Fire Panels www.dmp.com 3. Digitize Fire Alarms http://www.digitize-inc.com/ 3. EST - GE http://www.edwardsfiresafety.com/ Edwards United Technologies 4. Faraday http://www.us.sbt.siemens.com/ By Siemens 5. Farenhyt Fire Alarms http://www.farenhyt.com/ Silent Knight by Honeywell- Aphacorp here is Utah is a distributor for Farenhyt ask for Kent. AAA Fire is also a distributor 6. FCI Fire Control Instruments - http://www.gamewell-fci.com/ Gamewell FCI by Honeywell 7. Fike Corporation - http://www.fike.com/ Fire Alarm, Air Sampling and Releasing panels. Alarm Control and United Fire. 8. Firelite by Honeywell http://www.firelite.com/ Peak Alarm also installs. 9. Fireworx - Conventional and addressable small building detection http://www.edwardsfiresafety.com/ Edwards United Technologies 10. Gamewell - http://www.gamewell-fci.com/ Gamewell FCI by Honeywell 11. GE UTC Fire & Security: A united technical company http://www.utcfireandsecurity.com/ There are 7 companies here in the area that sell GE Vigilant Fire Alarm systems by Edwards. 12. Harrington http://www.harringtonfire.com/ Sales rep listed on web site is in Arizona 13. Hochiki - Full line of conventional (zoned) and analog addressable Fire Alarm Systems including Air Sampling smoke detection as well as listed panels for releasing / Extinguish panels www.Hochiki.com Peak Alarm is one of the four distributors for Hochiki here in Utah. There is another Hochiki dealer in Bountiful, one in West Jordan and two in Salt Lake. 14. Keltron corporation http://www.keltroncorp.com/ codded or McCulloh or l00mA coded circuits 15. Mircom http://www.mircom.com/ 15a. Mirtone 16. Notifier www.notifier.com by Honeywell 17. Siemens Industry Inc. Fire Safety Division http://w3.usa.siemens.com/ same as Cerberus Pyrotronics - Alarm Control and GSL also sell and install Cerberus Pyrotronics. 18. Silent Knight by Honeywell https://www.silentknight.com 19. SimplexGrinnel LP http://www.tycosimplexgrinnell.com/ by TYCO 20. Vigilant http://www.edwardsfiresafety.com/ Edwards United Technologies There are 7 dealers for GE VigilantNote: The following are not fire alarm manufactures of Alarm Systems but of devices or appliances such as Horn/Strobes etc…1. Gentex 2. Cooper Wheelock 3. System Sensor 4. Edwards also make bells, horns and such although most of the appliances are from 1-3 Fenwal http://www.fenwalfire.com/ Fire Alarm releasing /suppression control unitsAIR SAMPLING SMOKE DETECTION - AIR ASPIRATED Air- Intelligence by Edwards United Technologies Hochiki When you have current information or corrections on any of the dealers or manufacturers please send corrections or updates to Larry@peakalarm.com and I will update the information on this blog. This information was obtained using the web so if I did not find the current dealer please let me know and I will correct it.