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Many people don't understand how many features the newer security systems can do now. Here are a list of items that you can discuss with your security contractor. Know that some of the entry level panels will not do all of these functions but Bosch and DMP will do all of them and more.

1. Partitions can be set so you can one one security panel and arm and disarm several different areas independently. You can arm up all the emergency doors on one area. You could arm up the room where the money is on a different area and disarm it when needed. You could have 8 or 16 stores in a strip mall and have separate keypads on each one and they all could arm up separately and the security codes for the ice cream store would not work on the hair salon although the system is all working off one main security panel the panel is partitioned into different areas and even different account numbers.

2. Openings and closings. This allows the panel to send reports to the central station every time it is armed and disarmed and by whom.

3. Late to open. When you have a store and want to make sure your employees are opening the store on time you can set the time up and you will get a phone call or email notification if your employee opens late.

4. Late to close. Same thing, if they arm up too late you will be notified.

5. Early to open. If if your employee opens up too early you will be notified. We had a tanning salon where the employees were going in around 4am to tan before the salon would open and the owner was notified and resolved the issue.

6. Specific points can be local while disarmed meaning that the emergency doors could set the siren off during the day but would not send alarms to the central station.

7. Specific points on the same partition can be set to send alarms even while the system is not armed up. These would 24 hour points that need to send signals to the central station even when the system is disarmed like panic buttons, 24 hour emergency side doors etc..

8. All the points can be programmed to either be bypassable or non bypassable.

9. Cross zoning to avoid false alarms. You can make it so 2 points have to be put into alarm before the signal is sent to the central station helping to avoid false alarms.

10. Normal contacts can be defeated by using magnets although high security BMS contacts cannot be defeated with that method so you may consider high security contacts on certain projects.

11. Watch for additional information on motions, glass breaks etc...

12. You could set your roof hatch as a 24 point and when you need to go on the roof just bypass that point, service the items on the roof and then unbypass the point.

13. You can set up different keypads to arm and disarm different areas.

14. You can use your security system to send environmental alarms like humidity alarm, freeze alarm, water alarm, low liquid levels or high liquid levels, high temp alarm or many other such as ammonia alarms or specific gas alarms.

15. You can arm and disarm your system using your smart phone.

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