UL 2050 High Security installation and monitoring

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UL2050 installations are installed and monitored a bit differently than normal security installations. There is a special training for those that design UL 2050 systems and the Central Station has to maintain a special certification and stay in compliance with specific requirements in order to maintain that certificate.

The wire is installed in conduit and the screws are cut off to make it more difficult to defeat the system. Only certain products meet the requirements for these high security installations. Peak Alarm is both a Bosch and DMP dealer and both of these manufacturers meet those requirements when using certain systems such as the D9412GV4 or the DMP550 panels.

We normally install tamper switches inside and on the back side of the security panel as well as in the junction boxes depending on the specific installation. We will design your system to meet the requirements of UL2050. We also have vibration sensors we can install inside the panel and the contacts we use are special BMS balanced magnetic contacts that make it much more difficult to defeat the magnets since you cannot just put a magnet up next to them to bypass them. We also have special Bosch motion detectors that are tritech and we have ones that will alert you even if someone spray paints the motion to try to defeat it. Other motions will cease to function when they are sprayed with paint. The Bosch one I am referring to will also not function properly after it is sprayed although it will send you an alert when this happens.

UL2050 installations require special response times as well as schedules which will alert you if your system is armed up too late or disarmed too early etc... (depending on the requirements) If your facility is not supposed to open before 8AM and someone disarms it early that would send a signal to the central station. A system that is installed using these higher standards and a system that is tested using these higher standards is not only more reliable but it is more secure.

UL2050 installations by Peak Alarm are done by a local company that is certified and authorized to install and monitor these systems