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Types of Security Systems, Features such as remote arming and viewing cameras remotely, pricing for installation and monitoring

My name is Larry Love and I have been in the alarm industry for over 20 years. I hold a current Alarm license with the State of Utah I also hold several other certifications such as the UL2050 high security training and NICET. Peak Alarm also holds the UL2050 high security designation.

At the bottom of this article you will find different monitoring plans showing how a higher monthly payment can lower your installation cost just like paying for your phone upfront could lower your monthly payments and the same holds true for security systems as well.

Peak Alarm is a local Alarm company that has been in business for over 46 years and Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station, Guard Division and AV Division.

1. I have put together these two PRICING example sheets for CAMERAS and ALARMS so you can get a good idea of what a new system would cost.

2. I also put an option in so you could see what it would cost to install new cameras and use your existing coax.

3. In the Salt Lake City area I would like to come by and meet with you to go over a system that will meet your specific needs. Please email me or call me and I can arrange this. Larry@peakalarm.com or (801) 428 1384

4. I show different amounts for 36, 24 and 12 month agreements and we can also do 48 or 60 or even month to month depending on your needs.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to coming by to meet with you when you call.


September 5, 2015

Attn: Larry Love Larry@peakalarm.com (801) 428 1384 Pricing Examples:

LIST OF PROTECTION: Peak Alarm Company proposes to install the following: NVR Video Recorder & POE ports with UPS backup 3MP Verifocal Camera 2.8-12mm IP66 weather rating with motorized zoom CABLE & CONNECTORS (Up to 100 feet per camera) call and we can figure up longer runs MONITOR INSTALLATION LABOR Entry level camera is 3.6mm 2.1MP fixed lens 60’ IR and IP66 rating


4 Camera 2TB FLIR System installed……………………..…………………...............……$3,124.00 4 Camera 2TB FLIR System with entry level cameras installed……………..……$2,460.00 8 Camera 6TB FLIR System installed……………………………………................…………$6,422.00 8 Camera 6TB FLIR System with entry level cameras install ………….…….……$5,024.00 8 Camera 2TB FLIR Sys use exist coax and entry level 2.1 MP cameras…$3,499.00 16 Camera 16 TB FLIR System installed ……………………………………….............…$12,682.00 16 Camera 16 TB AXIS System with Milestone software & Husky Server…$36,855.00 57 Camera 64 TB FLIR System……………………………………..................………….…….$58,744.00 57 Camera 48 TB AXIS System with Milestone & Husky Server………….....…$112,151.00

Peak Alarm decided to work with specific manufacturers although we can get many different models and brands we lean toward FLIR and AXIS cameras although we also install Pelco and other brands.

Cameras are like cars, all of them have some basic features like 4 wheels and a steering wheel but depending on the brand and model the feature set will be a large factor in the pricing.

We have a $400 dollar camera in the FLIR line that is 3MP verifocal 2.8 to 12mm, IP66 rated, 90 foot IR and built to last. A similar camera from AXIS is $1,375.00

Cable and installation would then be added to these cameras along with the headend equipment. The prices above include, NVR, UPS, POE power, installation and the cameras. When you have servers installed it costs more than just having a simple NVR installed.

How long do you need the equipment to last? Often the answer to this is "A couple of years" until technology get better then I will buy new cameras. Other people want the camera systems to last 10 or 15 years which is fine although people that have a 15 year old camera system that still works do not have High Definition cameras where you can zoom in after the recorder has done it's job. You get what you see and often the video is not useable by the police.

We can also purchase cameras from asia that cost much less although we are very careful about the quality of our cameras because we want our customers to be happy with the product and the service.

REMOTE VIEWING Each of these options can tie to your internet connection so you can remotely view the cameras. When you do so it is best to tie the NVR units to a static IP address otherwise you can purchase a DNS service or have your IT people do port forwarding. If you have a dynamic IP which can change then your remote connection to your smart phone could be lost each time the IP changes.

LOWER PRICE SYSTEMS Recently I got a call from a customer who has already installed 2 camera systems he had purchased at big box stores and he had been smart enough to purchase 2 systems each time in order to have replacement parts. The equipment was very inexpensive so the quality was quite low. When you purchase a $50 dollar camera you get what you pay for.

STORAGE 8 CAM 2TB 720P will give you about 14 days of storage on motion recording 6TB - 2MP about 21 days of storage. Call for other storage options. SECURITY SYSTEM OPTIONS

September 5, 2015

Attn: Larry Love Larry@peakalarm.com (801) 428 1384 Pricing Examples:

EQUIPMENT LIST OF PROTECTION: Security Control Panel with 2 keypads, cellular communicator and backup battery 3 Man door Contacts 2 Overhead door metal contacts 3 Motion Detectors 2 Glass Break Sensors

Hardwired DMP Options using the equipment list above 1. $2,377.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 36 months 2. $2,780.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 36 months 3. $2,844.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 24 months 4. $3,255.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 24 months 5. $3,122.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 12 months 6. $3,412.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 12 months

Wireless Options using the above equipment list (If a repeater is needed for size add $175.00) 7. $844.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 36 months 8. $1,233.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 36 months 9. $1,087.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 24 months 10. $1,588.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 24 months 11. $1,622.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 12 months 12. $1,882.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 12 months 13. $99.00 installed $39.00 per month for 36 months ( Panel, 1 KP,1 Motion & 3 Contacts)

Add $5 per month to any of the above options for interactive smart phone arm/disarm

Installation can be reduced when we extend the agreement to 48 months or 60 months Installation can be reduced when you a higher monthly monitoring fee Monthly fee can be reduced when you pay a higher installation fee

Price to add itemized devices: Motion $130.00 wireless or $143.00 hardwired if within 100 feet easy access no drilling Door or Window Contact wireless $65.00 or $100+ depending on location Additional Keypad $249.00 or about $275 to $300 hardwired Wireless Glass Break $110.00 or hardwired glass break $156 easy access within 100 feet

Add device price + cable + labor to install cable and device = Total hardwired price

Hardwired system can be partitioned so you can arm different areas at different times using different codes. Monthly fee includes cellular service and monthly monitoring fee.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been in business for over 46 years

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