Use your Security System to it's full potential with Partitions

Arm and disarm your gun room on your security system. Your kid's codes won't work to disarm this room h1>DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR SECURITY SYSTEM CAN BE 3 or 4 SYSTEMS?

Many systems have the ability to partition into separate systems, this means you could have a keypad on your office and a keypad on your shop area so the workers could disarm and come into the shop but their codes would not work on the office.

Another practical use for such a feature would be the ability to arm a gun room and your children's codes would not work on that room so you could have dispatch call you if that room went into alarm during the day when you were at work. The gun room could always be armed and the rest of the house would be disarmed when you were there.

We do this same thing with grocery stores so the main store alarm and the RX alarm are on the same panel but the codes for the store do not work on the Pharmacy and on these panels the Fire Alarm System is also a separate partition. The Bosch D9412GV4 is UL listed for Fire Alarm, Access Control and Security (Intrusion) and you can put several keypads on this panel and divide it into several areas as well.

When you buy a home system you should have the Security company do a needs assessment so you can understand how a security system can benefit you in many areas of your life. You can put sensors in your computer room so the humidity, temperature, air flow can all be monitored.

You can check what time your kids got home from school, you can see if your employees got to work late to open the store or if they left late or early when the armed the system up. You can limit times people can enter the building, store or home with the card access system. Get informed so you can use your system to it full potential. The GV4 panels can also allow you to view, arm and connect to them using your IPHONE. 801 428 1384