High Security Intrusion systems


It's more than just the pricetag

Well often I get told that I include too many details so I will try to keep it fairly understandable.

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1. The new addressable security systems can be wired in a loop so if you cut the wires near the start of the loop you could loose much of the system or disable it. Now keep in mind the system would either go into alarm or trouble depending on how it was programed. Addressable systems can save you quite a bit in wire as compared to a wiring configuration in #2.

2. Because of this, many government projects require us to run a wire out to each device and then back to the panel so if one wire gets cut it only takes out the one item like a motion or a door contact leaving the rest of your system operational. This configuration uses much more wire.

3. Normal door contacts can be defeated using magnets and a normal contact costs under $20 dollars depending on the type, size, brand etc. Using BMS contacts or balanced magnetic contacts can increase your security making it much more difficult to defeat.

4. Having a high supervision cellular unit or even a backup cell unit tied to your system in case the phone lines are cut or in case the internet is cut is also prudent.

5. Getting more expensive motion detectors can reduce the false alarms and increase your security. The new Tritech motions from Bosch also have an anti masking option so if someone sprays paint on the motion it will go into trouble or alarm depending on how you program the point. You can program this feature as an audible alarm or a silent alarm for obvious reasons.

6. Having battery backup on your system is important and having the whole system on a UPS backup is prudent as well.

7. Having your system installed in conduit or even better ridged threaded crimped conduit like a prison would do can increase security making it harder to defeat.

8. Installing the devices using tamper screws is also a good plan when you have a high security system.

9. One facility we designed installed two separate security systems for the same building making it that much harder to defeat both systems.

10. Keeping your access control separate from your security system also helps. Many companies make it so when the first person in cards in or swipes their card the security disarms. This is a loop hole that can be taken advantage of.

11. Install scramble pads combined with your keypad codes so people have to enter a code on the scramble pad and present their prox card to get in.

12. Install biometric readers. There are many kinds out there and the new one not only look for the fingerprints or examine the retina but some of them now can look at the vein pattern in your hand so if would not matter if your hand was dirty or not but if your hand was cut off it would not work.

13. Train your employees so they know what to do in case of an emergency. You can set up duress codes so if a bank is being robbed and the person is asked to disarm the safe they can enter their code and the light turns green letting them in and a silent panic is sent to the central station and does not show up on the keypad. Many codes can be set as plus one codes for duress so if their code is 1255 then they would enter 1256 as a duress code and it appears to disarm the system but it sends an alarm instead.

14. There are many types of motions, glass break sensors, temp sensors, pressure mats, fence sensors, camera analitics and the list goes on but you should know that not all security systems are created equal, nor are they programmed equal. Most companies want to install a system and leave and get their money. When you need a contractor that is willing to work with you according to your specific needs give us a call at 801 428 1384 or (801) 898 6003 for all your high security needs. Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years now. You can also email Larry@PeakAlarm.com