Does your security company meet these requirements?

In Utah the horns have to stop and strobes keep flashing after silenced

Does your Alarm Company meet the following requirements?

1. Has your Alarm company been in business for almost 50 years? Peak Alarm has been in business for 47 years this year.

2. Does your Alarm company own their own UL Listed Local Central Station? Peak Alarm does and it is certified for high security installations. Most companies use third party central stations in other states for their monitorings.

3. Are all the dispatchers 5 diamond certified? Only 200 Central Stations in the US meet this requirement. Peak meets this requirement.

4. Can your Alarm company offer same or next day service or do you need to schedule our several weeks for service? Peak can!

5. Is your Alarm company licensed, insured and do they put their employees through an FBI background check? Peak Alarm is and does.

6. Does your Alarm company have their own Guard and Patrol division? Peak Guard and Patrol has their own building right behind Peak Alarm.

7. Does your Alarm company have their own AV division. Peak Alarm does and they are number #18 in the Nation

8. Does your Alarm company employee factory trained techs?

9. Does your Alarm company have their servers backed up in separate sites everyday. Peak Alarm does this and we also have an out of State Partner that can monitor all of our accounts in case of an emergency within the state.

10. Does your Alarm company employee almost 300 local people adding to fixing the economy or is the money funneled out of State to a large company somewhere?

11. Does your Alarm company have a drug testing program and do they do a mandatory test any time there is an accident? Peak does.

12. Does your Alarm company have certified CAD NICET designers to help with designing fire alarm systems and printing the drawings for the building permit process? Peak does.

13. Can you call a sales representative at your Alarm company and have him come out to your home or facility to do a free evaluation or do you need to wait several days for them to get back with you? You can call me at home (801) 898 6003 or at work. (801) 428 1384

Once a company get too big it becomes hard to deal with them. Peak Alarm is large enough to take care of our customers needs and we are growing at a good rate although we are still local and still family owned and our owner still comes to work each day and is accessible to the employees and customers. When the company gets too big then it becomes very difficult to reach anyone when you need to talk to someone. After reading through the list above give it some thought and then call Larry Love.

So if you answered YES to all of the above questions and you are happy with your current Alarm company that is awesome. If you answered no to any of these and would like additional information about Peak Alarm please call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email him

Obviously there is a long list of positive and good points about Peak Alarm. This does not mean Peak Alarm does not have it's challenges which we do although we use any negative feedback to try and learn from it. Our installation manager takes pictures of any problems out in the field and uses those in the training sessions. All of our phone calls are recorded with the exception of the secure line in accounting so Peak can go back and listen to how we treat customers and use this for training. The accounting line that is not recorded is used to protect your visa and banking information.