Get rid of your phone lines to your Fire Alarm panel for monitoring

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Since analog phone lines are expensive ($50 per month for a dedicated one as you should have on your fire panel) and on their way out we have two solutions. One is a high supervision cellular unit that meets the code by sending a signal out every 6 minutes and the other is an AES Radio system.

Monitor your Fire Alarm with PEAK ALARM by calling Larry Love today 801 428 1384

EQUIPMENT: 1-Fire Panel 4 zones (Non-expandable) and batteries (This system is for a small building where you need to monitor flow and tamper) 1-Fire Communicator Cellular or Radio (See options) 1-Double Action Pull Station per code 1-Smoke Detector per NFPA 72 Code 1-Zone tied to flow 1-Zone tied to tamper Installation and testing included – If Fire Marshal test is required add $300 If submittals are required add $200

Option 1 – Fire Panel with equipment above and AES Radio installed $789.00 $54/mo (36 month contract) Option 2 – Fire Panel with equipment above and Cellular fire unit $699.00 Installed $61/mo (36 month contract)

Both of the pricing options above include $29 monitoring, either $22 for high supervision cellular or $15 per month for AES Radio and $10 dollar per month to pay for yearly required inspection.

Option 1 or 2 could be used for locations that do not currently have fire alarm panels.

Option 3 – AES Radio tied to existing Mircom FA-300 Panel $199 and $54 per month (Mircom panel is just an example) Option 4 – High Supervision cellular tied to existing Mircom $99 and $61 per month

We can back out the inspection fee and the monitoring cost would drop $10 per month and the equipment cost would increase slightly.

SERVICE RATE: Can be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Peak Alarm UL Listed Central Station Alarm Monitoring Service………...$29.00 High Supervision Cellular Monthly Service communicates 10X per hour ..$22.00 Annual Fire Alarm Test & Inspections (Includes fire alarm green tag ……$10.00 ======= Total Service Rate $61.00 per month

We can change the 4 zone panel to an 8 zone panel with a small increase. If you need elevator recall (Monitoring only $15 per month) and if you need annunciators and duct detectors call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 for a customized quote.

**These are specific examples to show pricing options. Each existing panel is different so we can come out to your site and do a free evaluation. Prices will vary slightly depending on your existing equipment.

Peak Alarm can work out special plans to meet your needs with a longer term contract of 60 months, 48 months, 36 months, 24 months, 12 months or even month to month.

When you go month to month the upfront costs are more as well as the monthly monitoring. When you go with a longer term Peak Alarm can subsidize the equipment making the upfront charges more affordable.

PLEASE NOTE: Fire systems required by code to be monitored, will require two forms of communication connected to the fire alarm control panel which are normally analog phone lines with the first one being dedicated and the second phone line that can be shared or an approved alternative such as Radio or High Supervision cellular to eliminate the analog phone lines. The customer is responsible to provide the phone lines or purchase one of the other options. The customer is responsible for contracting an electrician to provide 110V connection to the fire alarm control panel on a dedicated circuit. Fire alarm system design is subject to final approval by the Authority Having Jurisdiction and may affect the total system cost. Any additional devices or appliances not listed on the counts above will only be provided after a signed change order or purchase order is received.

AES Radio to remain property of Peak Alarm