Alarms in Utah

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Contact or go to Peak Alarm for more information. Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 for a consultation.

Peak Alarm can install, program and monitor all your alarms including Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control and Camera Systems. Peak Alarm also installs intercoms and video intercoms as well. Here are some example of camera prices.


Peak Alarm Company offers the following cameras options installed with up to 100 feet of cable: 1. Color Indoor Analog Dome Camera with 2.8 to 12mm verifocal lens 600 TVL .5 lux $260 (D920) 2. Color Outdoor Analog Dome with 2.8 to 10mm verifocal lens 700 TVL & 33 IR LEDs $462 (VX30) 3. Color Bullet 4mm lens 600 TVL 21 IR LEDs $305 each installed 4. Box cam + 2.7 -13.5 mm lens Day Night + Outdoor Housing & Mount = $529 each If you are looking for a larger housing this is it otherwise you can go with a smaller dome or bullet camera option. This camera does well in low light and you can’t miss the large housings. It is also prudent to have good lighting installed outside your building and post signs ($7) 5. Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Outdoor installed $1,960.00 each 6. HD CAMERA AND DVR OPTION: HD-SDI 1080P Resolution cameras run about $300 each and the DVRs cost more ($2257.00 for 3TB and 16 Channel 1920 x 1080) but these cameras have a much higher definition than the analog cameras but keep in mind they take up more storage on your DVR as well. You can install these cameras using normal Coax so for improving your resolution using existing cable this is a great option. Example: CE-X1HD is a 2.1MP which is 3 -4 times the resolution as most analog cameras $322 with mount and lens. ANALOG DVR OPTIONS 7. 4 Channel 1TB DVR installed $642.00 (R4S) 8. 8 Channel 2TB DVR installed $1038.00 (R8S) 9. 16 Channel 3TB DVR installed $1,222.00 (R16S) 10. Faster Processor 16 Channel 3TB DVR installed $2,257.00 (DVR1600/3000) Keep in mind that your labor and wire will be the same no matter what quality camera you purchase.

8 Camera Power Supply installed $250 or 16 Camera Power Supply Installed $262 so if you think you may add additional cameras later on make sure you get the larger power supply and an expandable DVR/NVR. The POE cameras do not use the same power supplies but they get their power from the POE Switch. Six camera system using 2 Indoor cameras from option 1, four outdoor cameras from option 4, Power Supply and the 8 Channel DVR including 2 penetration holes. Monitor provided by customer. $4,084.00 POE Camera options on page 2 of 2


Attn: Larry Love 801 428 1384 IP CAMERA OPTIONS:

NVR with POE Switch Option A . 4 Channel NVR 2TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $870 Option B. 8 Channel NVR 4TB with 8 Port POE switch installed $1,712 Option C. 16 Channel NVR 6TB with 16 Port POE switch installed $2,386 Option D. 2.1 MP Ball Camera 3.6mm lens 60’ IR installed $302 Option E. 2.1 MP Vandal Dome 2.8 to 12mm lens 65’ IR Micro SD installed $603 Option F. 2.1 MP Motorized Verifocal lens Dome 3-9mm 80’ IR installed $789 Option G. 2.1 30X PTZ Speed Dome 4.3 to 129mm lens 80’ IR installed $2,511 Option H. 3MP IP 2.5-12mm Vandal resistant installed $1,679 also 5MP camera same price Option I. 5MP IP , HDTV 720p, 3.3mm-12mm Vandal resistant installed $1,937

Example of a six IP camera system from Option B and six cameras from option D installed $3,524 This does not include monitors or outdoor cameras. Any cable runs over 100 feet will required additional cable.

Keep in mind if you already have some analog cameras and you want to add IP you can purchase a Hybrid DVR/NVR that will allow you to have both IP and Analog cameras on the same unit and you can slowly switch over to IP as budget allows. Both types of systems will allow you to remotely view your cameras.

These pricing sheets are to be used as example prices only. Once we determine the needs of your specific site we can put together a custom proposal for your site. Peak Alarm also offers Leasing options OAC if you want to lower the upfront payment and extend the payments over a longer time period.