Quick reference group occupancy IBC IFC codes

CODE GROUPS Different code groups have different requirements (See IBC 2012 & IFC)

A1 - Theater with fixed Seating – ( All A groups 303) -

A2 - Restaurants / Food

A3 - Worship & Recreation / Libraries

A4 - Viewing Indoor Sporting Events

A5 - Viewing Outdoor Activities

B - Business 304

E - Educational 305 - 6 or more persons for educational purposes through 12th grade also Daycare of more than 5 children of 2 ½ and older

F1 & F2 Factory and Industrial 306 – Not significant fire hazard High Hazard 307 H1-H5

I - Institutional 308 I1-I4

I-1 >16 persons 24 hour that are capable of self-preservation

I-2 Medical care >Five persons 24 hours a day who are incapable of self-preservation

I-3 >(more than) Five persons who are under restraint or security

M - Mercantile 309 Grocery Stores etc.....

Residential 310 - R1 less than 30 days (Hotels & Motels)

R2 Apartments & dorms – contains more than two units where occupants are permanent in nature

R3 - <16 people boarding houses (non transient) or 10 or fewer (transient), care facilities 5 or fewer

R4 – More than five but less than 16 not counting staff (are capable of self-preservation)Assisted living or group homes.

S - Storage 311 S1 = Furniture, books, lumber (moderate hazard) S2= Food etc...(Low hazard)

Utility & Miscellaneous group U 312

When you have corrections or suggestions for this list please let me know. This is not meant to replace the code but to be a quick reference. Please refer to the entire code for exact information needed on each project.

Code Groups / Larry Love – Peak Alarm Larry@peakalarm.com


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