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CCTV – Camera Systems – Analog / IP / DVRs / NVRs This industry is changing very quickly and the new technology is very exciting. It is not prudent to continue using the older technology although you can still buy analog cameras and camera systems. It is quite difficult to get ahold of a VCR now so those are about out of circulation almost just like typewriters. DVRs are still very common and NVRs (Network video recorders) are another option.

Currently you can purchase a hybrid DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR that will allow you to continue using your older analog cameras and add IP camera on in the future and as time goes on you can convert your analog cameras to IP cameras. We have converters that also allow you to continue using the same coax instead of having to change the wire. IP POE cameras (powered over the Ethernet) have some length limitations. When you have runs over 300 feet you will need power boosters or additional power supplies.

Currently we have entry level systems, midrange systems and enterprise camera systems that you can view remotely over your smart phone. This systems can be compared to purchasing a car. When you ask the car dealer for a car the price will depend on lots of factors including brand, features, warranty etc…the same applies to camera and security systems.

Verifocal lenses, vandal resistant housings, heater blowers are all options you could have for your cameras. Keep in mind that a megapixel camera will often be taking up ten times the storage as your old analog camera so you will need to plan on a NVR that has enough capacity for your needs.

Avoid getting cameras systems for your business from a big box store because “You get what you pay for” If you pay $50 dollars for a camera there is no way around it, you just bought a $50 dollar camera and that is very different than a $300 or $450 dollar camera. Many times cheap systems end up being very expensive.

Understand that viewing remote video over your phone will depend on your bandwidth at your home or office and the system you have. Using a static or none changing IP address for your NVR is a very wise move but many times cost and extra $10-$20 per month. Port forwarding can be used however when changes are made you may have issues with the system and it may need to be reconfigured.