Peak Alarm is my new home

ABOUT PEAK: Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years, Peak has over 270 employees and five offices, 2 in Idaho, one in Saint George, one in Park City and our Salt Lake office as shown in this picture. I have been in the Alarm industry for 18 years and in the Guard industry for a few years as well. So I have been in the security industry over 20 years.

ABOUT CURRENT PACKAGES: Peak Alarm has experts in Fire Alarm, Intrusion Systems, Access Control, Door Control and cameras. We have entry level options in each area and mid range then enterprise systems for large facilities. Peak Alarm's new PeakLink and PeakView packages make it easy to get the newer technology with a low monthly monitoring rate. We have packages that start out at $99 installation and $39 per month monitoring. We can add Elite control for only $5 per month that allows you to arm and disarm your security system from your smart phone. You can also control your temperature controls, cameras, lights, garage door and even locks from your smart phone through your security system.

CAMERAS: We have great packages that allow you to view and control your cameras from your smart phone. We have analog systems still, although IP cameras will allow you to zoom in after the fact much better than the older technology. If you have color cameras that are 700 TVL (some of the higher resolution cameras) know that the small 2.1MP cameras are much better although they also take 3 to 4 times as much storage but the DVR/NVR units are getting much more affordable now. We have entry level systems in both IP and analog and DVR/NVR in both and even ones that are Hybrid allowing you to have both IP and analog cameras on the same unit.

MONTHLY MONITORING : Peak Alarm has a UL listed Monitoring Central Station (Only one of 2 UL listed Stations in the State of Utah) Peak Alarm offers monitoring of your home security systems, business security, fire alarm and monitoring of elevators. We have an extensive radio network that will allow you to cancel your analog phone lines and install a radio, cellular or high supervision cellular to monitor your fire alarm and or security systems.

SPECIAL PRICING : I can get special pricing for friends and family on the monitoring. Most of our contracts are 36 months although we offer options for 24 months, 12 months and even month to month. When the contract is changed to lower the months the amount of the equipment that we can subsidize is changed so the equipment would be more expensive if you did not want the longer monitoring contract.

GUARDS AND PATROL : Peak Alarm has a Guard and Patrol division. Our prices are very competitive and in Salt Lake City where the Police do not respond to Alarms unless they are panic alarms Peak can help protect your residential properties and businesses at an affordable rate.

AUDIO VISUAL: Peak also has a full service AV Audio Visual division that installs home entertainment or full size theater systems for businesses. We have special speakers that can be built into your walls and big screens as well as very large touch screens that allow interactive use just like a tablet but much larger. Call Peak for all your security needs