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A few weeks ago I met with a customer and a company from Utah County sold his company a 2GIG panel but they did not tell him that they cannot legally monitor flow and tamper or other commercial fire points using that panel. The fire panel was not tied in and the security panel was functioning but the customer was quite upset. I explained that the 2GIG is a great system but limited to certain aspects.

Another customer had already signed up with the same company from Utah County on a large building and this 2GIG panel was being used as their security system. Now that company wants to add keypads and several more users since they rent the building out. They also want to add access control and when a valid card is read they would like to disarm the security system. The system they were sold does not have the ability to do any of these things and they are locked into a 3 year contract. Be very careful when signing a contract to make sure the company that is selling you the system is reputable. Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the BBB. Some of these other companies that have the IN and OUT business model are being sued in several states.

The 2GIG panel is limited to 32 users and currently will not partition into different areas.

Some companies just use double stick tape to put the contacts up and Peak Alarm uses screws. Our techs are trained in commercial and residential alarm systems and they are all licensed by the State of Utah and go through the FBI background check.

The 2GIG panel is a great little system for certain types of business or homes. It allows you to connect using your smart phone and control locks, lights,tempurature, arm and disarm and even view cameras. (Not record them but view them) It has a device that is an image sensor that will take still shots during an alarm or anytime using your smart phone although the basic plan allows 30 images per month and it would cost more to get more than 30. If you need commercial fire alarm you should consider a different system, if you need partitions then you should consider a different panel. Linear is working on a new version that will have partitions but it is not out just yet. The wireless points are limited as to how far they can be mounted from the panel. Peak Alarm sells lots of these 2GIG systems and the price point is perfect for what they do.

The DMP 550 panel is UL listed for commercial fire, access control and burglar alarm and will allow 10,000 users, 32 areas and 16 keypads/access control doors. Bosch offers a similar system and is coming out with some new panels that are larger. Both DMP and Bosch can integrate with high end wireless which can be long range.

The DSX Access Control system we use will allow thousands of doors so there are different levels of system according to your needs.

Finding out the customers needs before you sell them a system is very important because if you find out that they have plans to expand and then they will be required to buy a larger system will not be good news to them after they have purchased the first system.

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Here is a link to a cut sheet for the DMP 550 panel I took this picture