Maglocks electric strikes request to exit motions buttons Access Control in Utah

Maglocks or Electric strikes?

Maglocks don't have moving parts like electric strikes do so they will last longer.

Electrics strikes for the most part will allow free egress from one side of the door so request to exit motions and buttons are not required.

The cost is about the same for either a maglock on a single door or an electric strike.

When you use maglocks most of the time it is required to tie the lock into the fire alarm system for door release

Maglock, request to exit motion, often a button to release the door as well. (Depends on fire marshal) Combined this ends up costing more

Electric strikes vary in cost depending on quality.The cost ranges from $240 to over $1000 each although a good quality strike is around $400

Strikes are the part in the door or door frame that can be unlocked with a card/prox reader electronically

Strikes come in two flavors: Fail Safe or Fail Secure.

Fail safe locks will unlock when you loose power allowing people to come into those doors after a power loss.

Fail secure locks will stay in the locked position when there is a power failure.

Access Control Door packages normally range from about $1,800 to $2,700 depending on the door and the location of the door.

Equipment needed: Prox Reader (Card or tag) or Biometric Reader (Eye or finger scan) or Keypad (not recommended) Electric strike or Maglock (Is the door wood, metal, glass, double door, single door) HES is a good brand and Von Duprin is better (more $) Door hold open door contact (Lets you know when the door is propped open) Special Cable for access control ran back to the headend controllers which are tied to your computer system

The first door will cost more than the next doors because there is the cost of setup, software and the controllers.

When you buy a two door system the second door will normally cost less and if you buy a 3 door system many times the controllers come as two door controllers so adding the 3rd door later normally won't cost as much because the controller will already have the slot for the third door. Each system is different although being informed about these matters will help you make the best decisions when contracting a security company.

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm for more information or a no cost site visit here on the Wasatch Front (Utah/Salt Lake area)

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When our professional services are a match for your company let's do business. I am not one of those high pressure salespeople that try to convince you to purchase anything. I can help educate you when you need information and then you can make the best decision for your company.

When you decide to go with a different company I will respect that as long as you have done your research. We have competitors that have over 3000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau and we encourage you to check on the companies that have lower prices and make sure they have insurance, make sure they are paying their taxes, make sure they have licensed individuals working for them.

Peak Alarm requires that all of their employees are licensed with the Division of Occupational Licensing DOPL and when the employees and sales people do not renew their State license and back ground check then Peak will not longer employee them. That is one of the conditions of employment.

Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station, Peak Alarm is the oldest local alarm company in Utah (46 years), Peak Alarm is the only full service alarm company of it's type in Utah with a full service Guard and Patrol division, a UL listed Central Station, a complete AV division and a full service Alarm company that handles installation and service of Fire Alarms, Security (Intrusion), Access Control, Intercom and surveillance camera systems.

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