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Access Control Companies

Access Control Installing companies in Salt Lake City and Utah

Please contact Larry Love at to update this list with your current company information of which access control brands you install along with your phone number and web site information. This is a work in progress that I will add to as I get the current information.

Most Access Control Systems cost about $2,000 to $2,700 per door which include a Prox reader or biometric reader, a hold open door contact, a maglock or electric strike, a request to exit button or motion or both, door controllers and the installation and equipment. These systems allow you to limit access to certain areas, days of the week or specific hours that people can gain access.

Some Products are limited to a certain amount of doors such as only 8 or only 16 total so you could not expand. Others like DSX do not have a limit. (DSX has the limit of 32,000 doors per location and you can have 32,000 locations)

DSX - Installed by Alarm Control and Peak Alarm Software House - Installed by Tyco or AVTEC Bosch - Peak Alarm is a Bosch dealer and there are several other Bosch dealers ReadyKey Pro - Bosch used to rep this and then Lenel did not renew their contract so the Pro line although there are some companies still servicing it. Northern - Several Companies install this brand Honeywell Pro 3200 - Peak Alarm and others Prodatakey Casi Russco Gallagher Keyscan Infinias CDVI Americas Paxton Kantech

This blog is a work in progress to add different brands of access control and the companies that install them.

ADT Alarm Control - DSX AVTEC TYCO SIMPLEX PCS PST BEST Wasatch Electric -Comtech Division Johnson Controls Honeywell Siemens

Send me your information and I will update the list

Peak Alarm 1534 South Gladiola Street, SLC, UT 84104 Peak Alarm installs DSX Access Control, Honeywell Access Control, DMP Door Control, Bosch and others. (801) 428 1384 Larry Love