Inovonics wireless Security in Salt Lake City

Installed by American Security and Fire a Bosch BCSD Dealer

This incredible Inovonics line connects seamlessly with the BOSCH addressable security panels which allows you to extend your security system to areas without pulling wire. The long lasting batteries combined with some of the longest range sensors in the industry makes for a system that truly gives you peace of mind.

<2>Inovonics has a full line of sensors for security including motion detectors, door and window contacts, Panic duress buttons, air monitoring, smoke detectors and the list goes on. Call us and we can help you with a professional installation. Inovonics is a product that will allow you to gain a much longer range without using high power repeaters. If you have a large installation we can use the high power repeaters for an even longer range.

Inovonics is not a low end product so if you want a cheap security system this system is not for you. Inovonics can connect with many different systems including DMP and BOSCH connecting into the data system rather than just inputs and outputs like many other systems.

EN1210W - Wireless Door Contact for the new Echostream EN1215W comes with a wall tamper for higher security EN1215WEOL - This is a contact with tamper and it is fully supervised with end of line resister EN1261HT - Four element wireless motion detector make for high traffic areas. Quality product

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Call us for all your Inovonics needs, we can come and do a free assessment of your facility and provide you with a detailed proposal for installation, parts and labor.

Inovonics is a great option for Historical buildings where you cannot drill or change the building without special permission or you may loose your Historical status.