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New office 110 W 2950 So, SLC, UT 84115

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ACCESS CONTROL (Electronic locks and readers - Card Access)


VIDEO SYSTEMS - (Cameras for property protection,record of theft, accidents, employee safety etc...) DVRs, IP Camera, NVRs -

We are BCSD Dealers for Bosch and Bosch offers a full line of all of the above equipment in different price ranges.

Fire Alarm systems from Bosch also have different levels of protection and price ranges. We have a small panel that will monitor your flow switches, tamper switches, a smoke at the panel and a pull station for a very low price. If you need smoke control and an analog addressable panel the price is higher and we can come out and give you a free estimate.

Access Control from low end tied to your security to higher end access control that can connect many buildings to the same system. You can limit certain groups of people to different times that can get into the buildings.

Security low, medium and high end Access Control, low, medium and high end.

Camera systems from $100 dollar cameras to higher end $8000 per camera depending on your needs

The D7412GV4 Bosch Panel will allow you to combine Security, Fire Alarm (up to 75 points) and 2 doors of access control on the same panel.

The D9412GV4 Bosch Panel will allow you to combine Security, Fire Alarm (over 200 points) and up to 8 doors of access control on the same panel.

The AEC access control system from Bosch will go up to 32 doors and is a very competitive product even competing in the price range of some of the lower quality products but Bosch still overs their great 3 year warranty with this product.

The ReadyKey Pro access control does not have a door limit as the other products do but is not limited. Normally access control runs around $2000 per door but ReadyKey Pro is a bit more than that and the AEC system is a bit less than that.

It also comes down to the Brand, quality and features that you want when you install equipment. You can buy a $150 dollar electric strike or you can spend $650 on an electric strike. You can spend $150 on a maglock or you can spend $700 dollars on a maglock and the same is true with most products depending on quality etc...