Change batteries in your smoke detectors

Month to month agreements are available

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Change your batteries in your smoke detectors every 6 months

If they are system smoke detectors not only will they wake you up but they will notify the central station who in turn will call the fire department.

Many people don't wake up with all the noise. There are new detectors out that are low frequency that do a better job of waking you up.

Residential detectors should be cleaned periodically and also replaced every ten years. Don't risk the lives of your family.

Residential 120 volt smokes with battery backup cost around $15 each at a big box store. They have more expensive models that are better. It is better to buy photoelectric detectors rather than ION since ION will false alarm more often in high altitudes.

Residential smokes that are not tied to your security alarm system do not notify the fire department. Adding smokes to your security system does not raise the cost of your monthly monitoring. It will however give you a discount off your insurance depending on your insurance company.

System detectors cost about $130 dollars installed and they are worth every penny you pay. Get peace of mind knowing the fire department will be notified of a fire whether you are home or not. Call Larry today. 801 428 1384