Intuitive medicine and diet Noni fruit

Interestingly enough my ex mother in law would pour gasoline over her rice in the Philippines while she was pregnant (BTW she would then eat that rice). Most people think that is totally nuts although some people recognize intuitive medicine although this is an extreme example and I would not recommend that anyone do anything like it. We don't know if she had worms or what but during one pregnancy she would do this. The child was born and my ex mother in law did not die till many years later. Many people feel like they should or should not eat certain things and when they follow their bodies they feel better. Others will tell you that is complete hogwash so you have to decide for yourself. When I eat cheese, yellow or orange specifically I get more mucus and milk does not agree with me at all. My grandfather used to say "you know what you get when you use chapstick? "Chappy lips" he explained that when you used chapstick that your natural oils in your lips stopped producing as much making you dependent in the product, just put water on your lips and then some olive oil instead of expensive products. In a similar fashion our bodies get dependent on sugar and we love the fats and fried food. If we would reduce eating breads, white rice, white flour and processed foods and increase our intake of fresh produce and avoid anything that comes in a can, bag or box many of our medical problems would clear up.

My son does not eat meat nor does a good friend of mine and both of them say they can feel their body telling them things. My wife on the other hand says that if she does not eat meat for a week her body will crave it. The picture is of a noni plant in Guatemla. My mother's grandmother planted this and makes a stinky juice out of this noni that she swears by. The other option for them is to pay over $40 dollars a bottle for the Noni juice that is on the market now and considering that a months wages in her town come up to about $60 dollars that is not a real possibility. Our bodies tell us what to eat and what not to eat if we would only listen to them but like a nagging parent or spouse we have tuned our bodies needs out and we no longer listen to their advice.

Every few years I do a cleansing diet where I stop eating meat and I then go onto raw veg and then I just drink liquids and then I go onto water. This seems to makes feel quite good after I do it and the whole process takes about 2 weeks. I have also had acupuncture done even the one where they lite the fire on the needles. This has really helped me when I had back pain the Chiropractor could not fix others will want to stick with regular doctors especially since there are many quacks out there that give alternative medicine a bad name. The Chinese doctor we have gone too has a point that in China they have been doing their medicine for thousands of years compared to us basically treating the symptoms for not really even a couple a hundred years.