Culture and my family My Guatemalan daughter

My two older children are 1/2 filipino and for 20 years I was deep into that culture and I can tell you it was a bit of a shock. The change in food, the change in humor the change in attitudes about many things. The family was together all the time and there for each other. Not to say there were not problems and fighting but overall I have a great opinion of the filipino culture. My mother in law Elvira taught me to cook and to eat. Many times they eat with their hands by scooping the food up with the first three fingers and pushing it into your mouth with your thumb. I felt accepted by the family and into the culture as well. We attended many culture events such as exhibitions and dances and dinners so my children could learn about their heritage.

When I got married to my Beautiful Guatemalan wife she already had 3 children and we told them they did not have to call me dad yet right after we told them we were going to get married all three of them started calling me Papi. (My first 2 children always called me Papi as well) Has my life been affected by my new Guatemalan culture? In the past 6 years I would say it really has affected me. I got to go back to Guatemala twice to be with her family which is now my family and I can honestly say they have taken me in as one of their own. It is funny because I was in the leadership of a Spanish Church for years and I feel so close to them, their culture, food, Music and such that I don't feel like a white guy. I am still working on my language skills and the best complement I have gotten is when people can't place my accent and wonder where I am from when I speak Spanish. I would not trade my new kids and their culture nor my filipino kids and their culture for the world. Both cultures are forever part of my life.