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Here are some camera options and prices so you can get a good idea of pricing before you settle on what your needs and wants are for a small commercial job. I priced out the lower end, midrange and a bit higher end system with some options so you can see what may best fit your needs, budget etc....The lift pricing is not included in these prices since we are assuming that you will provide the lift rental to avoid the markup. We can also add more cameras and network the DVRs together if you want or need additional cameras. Cameras in the first two options have a 3 year limited warranty and the IP cameras have a 2 year limited warranty. We can work with DVR storage as well. We will need to spend some time on the bids for Fire Alarm and Security as well to put together complete professional bids. Please forward this to those that will be reviewing the information.

When you provide us with a specification we can redo the pricing. Features, quality and warranty will affect the pricing so let us know and we can help you put together a great camera system that fits your budget. Camera systems are a deterrent and can also be used as a great training aid when you tell your employee that you really appreciated the way they handled a specific customer or situation because you reviewed the recording. These IP cameras listed have 2 way voice capability

System one - $10,675

A. 500GB Hard drive DVR with 16 channels 1 year warranty 480ips recording and live monitoring $1,300 storage will depend on frames per second, movement and resolution. You can connect to this over your network to view etc...Normally we plan on 4 hours of headend work for the DVR at $77 total $1,608

B. 4 indoor cameras installed for $272 each plus cable estimated at $328 total all four installed $1,416 These are 420TVL 3.6mm fixed wide angle

C. 12 Outdoor dome cameras at $483 each plus cable ($1,476) for a total of $7,272 All cameras are color and 420TVL for resolution 2.8 to 11mm so you can adjust the view

D. Power Supply $379 installed - this is a regulated 8 amp supply (You can use plug in individual power supplies but it is not as clean an installation and the main power supplies can be fused or filtered power depending on your needs.


System two - $12,038 (Note resolution and storage are much higher)

A. 2TB Hard drive DVR with 16 channels 2 year warranty 480/480 with DVD burner $1,750 this is also networkable and you can view on your IPHONE the storage is 4 times as large $2,058

B. 4 indoor cameras installed $394 each plus cable estimated at $328 total all four installed $1,904 These cameras are 650 TVL of resolution low light CCD Advanced DNR, OSD 2.8 to 10mm

C. 12 Outdoor cameras 650TVL day night cameras 21 IR LED (10-15 meters or 45 feet) $550 each plus ($1,476 cable) for a total of $8,076

D. Power Supply $379 installed

E. $171 each extra equipment for mounts if you want to mount them on poles plus extra wire and labor depending on locations.


System three IP megapixel cameras - (we were asked if you could zoom in after the fact and you can) $22,492

A. NVR 16 channel 4 TB NVR - web based viewer Digital PTZ audio support, supports H.264IP cameras, mobile compatible POS support 1 year warranty. This is not PC based and it does come with the licensing included $5,371 installed

B. 4 indoor IP cameras 1080P HD 2.8 to 10mm VF lens, 21 IRs (upto 45 feet) true day night built in mic 2 way audio POE 2 year warranty $824 installed plus cable $528 for a total all four installed $3,824 This will include CAT5 or 6 and power cable as well. 30 FPS

C. 12 Outdoor IP Megapixel cameras 1080P HD anti vandal domes with IR true day night 2.8 to 10mm POE and 2 year warranty with 30 FPS. $901 each installed plus $2,106 for a total of $12,918

D. Power Supply $379 installed

E. NVR optional unit PC based NVR 4TB 1 year warranty - with licenses $6,877

This bid does not include the POE switch which normally your IT would discuss to decide if you wanted to install these on your normal network or create a network just for the cameras.


You can see I put together 3 options for you one just over 10K , one over 12K and one over 22K and all of these are for 16 camera systems with some differences on resolution and storage.

Personally for the car lot I would consider the 5-50mm lens and more cameras but this will give you a very good idea of what the cost would be other than if you had under ground conduit installed for the light poles that was conduit for low voltage not high voltage.


If you are looking at an area 200 feet away from the building and 100 feet wide it would be a 9mm lens and your view would be 75 feet tall and 100 feet wide so a person that is 6 foot would be one twelfth of the screen or in other words 12 people high and if your screen is 12 inches high the person would be an inch high so identification would be a challenge hence the need for more cameras looking at a smaller area rather than trying to view so many cars at once time with one camera.

If the view you are looking at is 200 feet from the building and you are looking at say 30 feet across then your lens would be a 30mm and the view would be 22 feet high and 30 feet across so a person would take up almost a 1/3rd of the screen going up and down so 3.6 people high.

We can change the bid when you decide how many cars you will need to view and at what angles so we can fine tune the price. Understand that West facing cameras will have a period where the view is affected by the sun going down and south facing cameras are best to relocate to avoid problems with the sun.

Understand that I have not listed model numbers on this bid so to compare apples to apples and get competitive bids you would need a specification with scope, plans and counts. Example: If all four companies bidding the project are bidding on the same model number camera from Bosch or Pelco or whatever then the other items end up being the labor cost, wire, and the markup. Some companies put a low markup on and get the jobs and end up not making any money and going out of business. Some of these companies don't have workers compensation insurance and liability insurance and we call them trunk slammers. It is just like the two guys that went to California and bought a truckload of watermelons for 50 cents each and came back and sold them all for 50 cents each forgetting they had to pay gas and time. I point out some of the items that need to be considered such as programing, testing, training, travel, toning out wires etc... but there are others. If you have a clear spec of what is required the tighter you can get with pricing. If you leave it open then one company can propose an oriental camera that is 700 TVL resolution but may not be near the camera that the BOSCH or brand name camera is yet sometimes you can also buy highend cameras from out of the country as well.


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