Generational Spine & Health Chiropractor

I have had pain in my back and left leg for the past 2 weeks. I have had two massages, I have stretched, used a electric therapy unit and even at times pain pills.


Yesterday I called Generational Spine & Health (801) 972 0393 that is located at 1251 West 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 Email is and the web site is

I told them about my pain and they were able to fit me in their busy schedule at the last minute which was impressive. When I arrived everything was very straight forward including the forms and the discussion about money. It took about 10 minutes to fill out the forms they needed.

Normally the first visit that includes the X-Ray session costs $300 and if you are in a car accident the insurance picks up the entire bill but if you don't have insurance Doctor Frogley offers a $39 dollar membership with ChiroHealthUSA which allows him to offer discounts off the normal price to you and your family. (Dependents under 25.) The cost of the visit after paying for the $39 dollar membership was $175 and instead of paying $140 per visit after the first visit the membership allows you to only pay $65 per visit. An hour massage is $35 for your first one and will stay $35 if you purchase them in packages of 5 otherwise they cost more. They have their own digital X-Ray equipment and the whole set up was clean, well kept, orderly and up to date.

Doctor Frogley is a very nice and caring guy. He is young although he is very knowledgeable. Doctor Frogley is a runner and appears to practice what he preaches. Hey, this means he will be around for a very long time. He took time to listen to my concerns and he asked about other areas of my life that could be affecting my overall health since his approach is a whole health concept including exercise, stretching, massage, diet, water intake, breathing, adjustments and therapy as needed targeted at the areas of concern. His whole health approach included him explaining how the Brain and Spine work together with the body. The basic information about how the brain sends energy and signals through the spine to all the cells including the organs, muscles and such was very helpful in order to understand that when you have problems many times they are caused by other underlying issues. If you don't get enough sleep or good food this can affect your overall health. If you have problems with your urinary system, thyroid or any other organs or systems many times the cause can be treated rather than just treating the pain. He went through this with me after I told him I just needed to get rid of some of the pain in my back and leg so I could get through this funeral. He was concerned about the pain but also expressed an interest in my long term health rather than just a quick adjustment or quick fix.

A word about his staff, mostly I was with Lyndsey in the X-Rays and check in and she is a lovely young woman. I dealt with 2 others on the staff that were also very outgoing and pleasant. There is a play room for the children in the front area. I give Doctor Frogley and his office very high reviews and encourage you to stop in and see him. The idea of treating your health with a preventative outlook rather than waiting till you get sick is obviously the wave of the future that will allow us to live more productive lives into our old age.