New Breakfast experience Rancho Market albondigas

Rancho Markets are clean and a great place to get great meal ideas without waiting in long lines.

I would encourage you to try new food other than the same old things we normally go for because we are used to them. Sometimes you might have a bad experience although many times you will find great food that you have never had before.

This morning on my way to work I was going to stop in at Burger King and get a muffin when I saw the Rancho Market on 200 East and 3300 South in Salt Lake City. I pulled in and entered the store to find the fresh bread being brought in, the smell alone on this cold morning made me want to stay inside the store. I noticed the bananas on for 2lbs for a dollar and I also noted how clean the store was and how well the vegetable displays were organized. I headed over to the food counter and looked for something hot and found what looked like a beef stew. I was told it was called "Albondigas" It is meatballs in a tomato based sauce with carrots and potatos. I said I will have some of that and they brought me a plate to the counter that had enough for two people including rice, beans and hot tortillas on the side and green chile sauce if I wanted to add it. To top it all off I ordered a cup of champorado which is a hot chocolate drink made from Rice,milk, chocolate and cinnamon. I ate about half and took the rest with me for lunch. I was impressed by the store and the food. Normally when we go in these places we get burritos or tacos but if you look and ask you will find hidden treasures that you have never tried like "Albondigas"

So I give Rancho Market on 200 East and 3300 South 4 stars for their "Albondigas" Meatballs over rice and beans. Give it a try and while you are there pick up some fresh bread and vegatables in their small but friendly market. This is another review by Larry Love.

Meatballs with a wonderful tomato based sauce including carrots and potatos. Not normally spicy either unless you add spice.