cost of school

In Utah Salt Lake Community College costs about $1600 per 4 month semester or about $132 per credit hour. Each class is 3 or 4 hours meaning each class you take will cost about $400 to $500 and if you take 4 classes that is considered full time school 12 credit hours

In Utah the University of Utah costs about double

Westminster costs over $700 per credit hour or about 7 times SLCC

If you go to school out of State plan on about $3000 per month just for tuition

If your not rich and you don't make 30 per hour working then you need to apply for lots of scholarships and pray you get some of them or take out massive student loans.

SLCC for the most part is a 2 year school and a good place to get your general classes done. Make sure the classes you take will transfer to the university that you plan on finishing at.

Now remember to add the cost of your books, apartment, utilities, food and transportation as well to the list of things you will need money for. Saving for college is always good to do before you end up deep in debt. College may not be for everyone but those that go to college and focus end up making much more money than people that don't go on average.

With this site we hope to be able to pay the costs of the immigration lawyers, college etc...My son is helping to make the Rosaries and necklaces for the business.

Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.