Make a decision today for your family

Make a decision and plans today to put together 96 hour kits for your home, vehicles and work place.debemos tener comida para 96 horas en nuestro kit

Food- Ready to eat (Comida listo para comer) Water and or water filters (backpacking filters are great) (Agua y Filtros) Change of clothes in a sealed plastic bag (cambio de ropa en una bolsa plastico) copies of insurance & important documents also in a plastic bag and on a USB (Copias de sus documentos y seguranza) Flashlights with extra batteries (Linternas y baterias extras) First aid - Most important - Roller bandages, triangular bandages and 4X4 sterile gauze pads.- Where possible extra medicine (Primer auxilio & medicina) Cash and other items you feel would be important (Dinero extra y otras cosas importantes)

Make the kit and then walk around the block with them on your back and see how easy it is to carry them and then decide if you need to trim them down or add more items. (Haga su equipo y despues camina con el alrededor de su cuadro vecindario para ver si debes anadir o quitar cosas)

You don't need to go out and spend allot of money to make this happen but rather use what you have now and improve upon the kits over time. I am a bilingual CERT instructor for Salt Lake City Emergency Management and i have been in the Alarm and Security industry for twenty years and I was a Military Policeman in the Utah National Guard for over 7 years. Some people think that I am paranoid and yet I think that perfect paranoia is perfect awareness. I don't worry about disasters although I feel it is prudent to be preparred.- Larry Love - 801 898 6003

Los niños deben tener sus kits tambien

Here are some ideas of items you may want to consider.

no olvidas cosas como papel de baño y ropa para el frio en plastico