Camera Systems information

Security Camera systems are like cars they come in different brands, models and prices depending on features and quality.

Peak Alarm advices against the very low cost cameras since you get what you pay for so we would rather install a quality entry level product that you will be happier with than the least expensive camera system.


1.     Cameras that Peak Alarm ties to your security system have a monthly fee of $10  per month for 1-4 cameras and require 120v power at the camera location and strong wireless internet at the camera locations.


2.     These camera systems that allow you to view your cameras on the same app that you control your security system are for view only unless we add a network storage device to this system which typically runs another $700 + dollars for a 1-2TB unit. When you add one of these recorders there is a $10 per month fee for the broadband usage since it communicates over the cellular and internet. Having one of these units allows you to set your cameras to continuous recording or motion recording and go back to view the video.


3.     Peak Alarm installs camera systems that do not require power at the camera location or wireless internet at the camera locations and these systems are hardwired back to a recorder. Normally it is best to have attic access or we can run cable on the outside the home or facility.


4.     These camera systems with a recorder do not require a monthly fee unless you decide to purchase an extended warranty.  Purchasing an extended warranty can lower the overall installation cost upfront.


5.       The recorder can be tied to your internet so you can remotely view the cameras using your smart phone.  2.5mbps upload speed is needed and we will plug the camera system into your internet router so an active internet connection is required.


6.       The cost of these hardwired camera system will vary on how difficult it is to get to your camera locations, the quality of the camera and the storage of the NVR Network Video Recorder. The high definition cameras that are now available come in several different options.  Depending on what you need to see we may recommend varifocal cameras or fixed cameras or Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. Some of the cameras can come with an SD Card slot for onboard camera storage.  Some cameras also have the ability to have apps loaded for analytics. 


7.       When Larry comes out to your home or facility he can help you determine the best camera options for your specific needs.  We have a storage calculator that will determine how much storage you need based on motion recording, what the resolution is set to, what the frames per second are set to and how many days of storage you want. Call Larry at (801) 428 1384 or on his cell phone (801) 898 6003 or email him at