Qolsys areas December 17th 2018

Qolsys is releasing their new version December 17th 2018 which will include up to four arming areas that can be armed independently of each other this is also known as partitions . There are additional updates coming in this release but this is a long awaited one.

Example: If you want to arm a gun closet so it is armed all the time even when the home is disarmed you can put that on a partition or if you want to arm and disarm the downstairs apartment because you have separate renter down stairs and they come and go at different times. Some people arm their shop or garage on a separate area because of the dangerous tools or expensive tools in the garage. If you are home and your home is disarmed and someone sneaks into the garage the alarm would go off because the house would be disarmed and the garage could be armed on a different area.

Contact Larry Love for more information about this feature.