Temperature Sensors and Water Flood sensors

Temperature Sensors and flood detection

It is recommended to tie the following items into your monitored security system and allow the system to work 24/7 for you. Many things are just as important as preventing or catching burglars. Preventing floods and preventing pipes from freezing can save a great deal of headache and money in the long run.

  1. Temperature sensors should be installed in each heating zone if there are more than one furnace (heating zone) often insurance companies will require this in larger homes in specific areas. Many of these sensors have a set point of 45 degrees so you can be alerted before the pipes in the home freeze.

  2. Flood/Water sensors in areas such as laundry rooms, under sinks, basements and mechanical rooms. You can get alerts on your phone and dispatch can call you to let you know there are issues so you can get someone over to the home to take care of the issues.

  3. Smoke Detectors, Heat detectors, CO detectors and other gas detectors like natural gas detectors.

  4. Flow and Tamper valves should be tied into the fire alarm system to monitor the fire sprinkler system. Often in large homes in areas such as Park City you it is required to tie the flow switch in and monitor when the fire sprinkler system is activated. Often your insurance company will require this.

  5. You can add seismic sensors and even a Water Cop to shut your water main off, you can tie your lighting, your electronics locks, your garage door controller, your thermostats and other modules so you can control these items remotely. Some systems even have trigger guards that will alert you when your weapons/guns are picked up or moved, stove sensors to know if you forgot to turn the stove off and more.