Why buy from peak?

Why buy from Larry Love?

First because he knows alarms

Second because Peak Alarm is a solid company

We don’t claim to give away free systems because you end up paying now or later everyone does. You will pay for a longer time or a higher monthly but free equipment is not really free.

We don’t send out high pressure salespeople door to door that won’t leave until you sign. Larry gives you the options and when you like what you see you buy when you don’t he does not keep hounding you.

You have most likely heard the saying that you can pick 2 of the list LOW PRICE, BEST QUALITY and QUICK TURN AROUND but you can’t have all three and there is some truth to this. You will get what you pay for.

Peak Alarm normally will not be the fastest installation, some companies install the same day before you have had a chance to think about it. Peak is not slow although we work on a first come first serve basis so we normally have to put you on the schedule and it is worth the wait.

Before I tell you more about why to buy from Peak Alarm I want to know more about your facility or home, what you are trying to accomplish and why you need security. After you explain those items we can develop a plan to meet your budget and needs. 

If you want door status switches at all the doors, glass break sensors at all the windows, motion detectors throughout the facility or home, water sensors, temp sensors, smoke detectors etc…. you will need to pay for it. When you need to drop the price we can give you options for good, better and best and let you decide.

Peak Alarm has 300 employees and 20 sales people. All of the sales people are very good Tony one of the other salesmen has been with Peak Alarm over over 29 years and we have sales people that have been techs like I have and have a good idea of what needs to be done.

There are several factors you should consider that many people find out too late and they suffer buyers remorse.


1. Larry knows what he is doing, he is not just doing this in the summer while he is in school like many other door to door security companies. Most of their salespeople are there for one or two summers and maybe three. Larry has been doing this for over 20 years. 

2. Peak Alarm is solid and has been in business since 1969.


3. Peak is the only alarm company here in the area that has a UL listed local central station, alarm company, av division and a full service Guard and Patrol division. Peak is licensed and insured. GUARDS, ALARMS & CENTRAL STATION ALL IN ONE COMPANY the rest of the alarm companies third party out one or more of these services. 


4. Many other companies have plans that sound good like free equipment but check their Better Business Bureau rating and complaints before you buy. Nothing is free let alone equipment, you will pay now or later guaranteed.

5. Two of our major competitors that are national have over 3000 complaints compared to our three on the Better Business Bureau web site.

6. If you pay $45 per month for 36 months with a $249 down payment (example) that is $1,620.00 in three years. Do the math before you buy. 


7. Many other companies do a zero down and 60 month agreements, most of the time around $54 or even $72 per month which adds up to between $3,240 and $4,320.00 overall. Even at the $45 per month with 60 months you are at $2,700.00 which is much more than most of our agreements. 

Peak Alarm does not do credit checks like many of our competitors. 

You will pay more per month or you will pay for a longer period of time which ends up to be more money overall. Like I said you never really get free equipment you pay now or pay later. Peak can raise your monthly costs to lower your install price just let Larry know and he will figure it out for you. 

8. There are self monitoring systems or remote stations that are not UL listed or that give you very low pricing per month. (There is a reason their prices are lower) one such company is very vulnerable to hacking of their systems and you can find that information online easily. 


9. You would not look for the least expensive parachute if you were shopping for one would you? It would be the last poor decision of your life if you just shop based on price. Quality is very important.

10. Do it your self systems don't come with expert installers nor a warranty where someone will come out and help you like ours does. 

11. Call Larry at (801) 428 1384 or on his cell (801) 898 6003 and let him come by and listen to your concerns and what you need so he can offer you security solutions rather than a cookie cutter approach.